Industry Development & Secretariat


Assistant Director, MBKM Secretariat
Tel: +603 8321 7003; Fax: +603 8321 7012

Functions of the Industry Development & Secretariat Unit:

  1. Plan and draft the book industry’s policies and regulations for the country’s book industry’s development in line with the National Book Policy (NBP).
  2. Draft the book industry’s norms and codes of ethics.
  3. Outline and coordinate book development programmes with the book industry and other agencies.
  4. Provide assistance in book development, specifically in the publication of printed and electronic materials in the Malay Language.
  5. Conduct research and analysis for the developmental needs and problems related to the book industry.
  6. As a secretariat, supervise the Board Member’s Meetings with book industry players and other agencies.
  7. Manage and coordinate cooperation between neighbouring and international book industry.
  8. Conduct quality management tasks and public relations.