Training & Information Management


Assistant Director, MBKM Secretariat
Tel: +603 8321 7002; Fax: +603 8321 7012

Functions of the Training & Information Management Unit:

  1. Draft training curriculum in identified fields of book matters.
  2. Outline and coordinate professionalism development in the fields of composition, editing, publishing, production and marketing of books and electronic materials.
  3. Coordinate courses, workshops, seminars and conferences that are sponsored in cooperation with book industry players and other agencies.
  4. Collect and build databases about experts in the book industry.
  5. Disseminate information regarding local and foreign training and related activities to book industry players and other agencies.
  6. Publish bulletins and special publications that are related to the book industry.
  7. Manage and maintain the National Book Council of Malaysia’s portal and the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair’s website.