Director’s Message

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and greetings. First, allow me to thank you for visiting the National Book Council of Malaysia’s website. I hope that the website has in some way provided all the necessary information you seek in relation to the Council’s roles and functions in terms of the national book industry development and the inculcation of a reading culture amongst Malaysians.

The National Book Council of Malaysia (MBKM) was established by the Ministry of Education in 1968 based on UNESCO’s recommendatory that proposed all developing nations have a special body responsible for the development of its reading culture and be a driving force for its book industry. The MBKM was initially known as the The National Book Development Council and held the role of both a professional body and book advisory at the national level. The Council’s members consisted of representatives from several ministries and government agencies, book industry organisations and non-governmental organisations that were linked to the industry and its development, as well as individuals who were regarded to own specific skills to safeguard the Council’s interest and assist the Council in achieving its objectives.

I am grateful to Allah s.w.t. for the Council’s Secretariat who had developed the website and successfully bring it to what it is today. I also wish to congratulate every member of the team who were involved in the development of this website. Hopefully it will fulfill the needs of our visitors who have interest in the industry and the world of books. However, should you feel that the website’s quality can be improved further, you are more than welcome to drop in your suggestions and positive inputs for us to continuously thrive and upgrade the MBKM’s website.

“Books Enriches the Mind”

Yours sincerely,

National Book Council of Malaysia Secretariat